Get Wed In The Red

Times have been tough for a lot of people. The wedding business here in Sedona has taken a hit as well. I have been in Business for almost 20 years now and I find when the going get’s tough, I get tougher! I’m not the type of person to give up or give in so the creation of  “Get Wed In The Red” I come up with different ideas all the time, some take off and some hit rock bottom. This concept came to me mainly because I think there are a lot of couples out there that have never heard of Sedona. Sedona is an amazing beautiful place, surrounded by beautiful red rocks. Most of the weddings we do are from couples that are not local and I thought what a great idea! Create a “Real Sedona Wedding Show” Not just the fluff! A reality show that takes you through what couples go through finding vendors from a place they only read about! What it’s like to trust people and their recommendations. Is it possible to have a Sedona wedding without it being a lifetime investment? My idea is to search out unique couples, the different personalities that will make this show a hit! Not one wedding story will be the same! This will give more exposure to Sedona and bring in more couples that are intrigued by the beauty and spirtuality of Sedona!

My goal would be for a network to pick this show up! After doing weddings here for 7 years I can say that this place most surely has the potential for a wedding reality show!  Mike and I are now launching this, we have a facebook page, youtube page and I am doing all I can to get the word out! Right now we have one part of a three piece show up on the site (Mike and Jennifer) we have another couple that we will begin shooting later this month. I hope to build the shows and not only that but visit the couple later in life to see how they are doing! I have a great feeling about this and I hope you all join in and watch and support this new and upcoming realtiy show! Maybe, just maybe it will inpire you to get wed in the red!!


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  1. annette
    Apr 26, 2010 @ 13:21:07

    schelli u r an artist sounds great i am so proud of you and your ability and determination i too and in a world of greed and all about big bucks i rely on my salary to support my familt rob is on ssi and is mr mom at home .being in a coporate world is so new been subjected to some tactics i thought were only t v but no truth is stranger than fiction would love to produce my own version of undercover boss only would be totally flipped


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