Video, Why It’s Worth It!

As a Video Producer for over 20 years, I have always been amazed that video is last on the list for the Big Day! If it even makes the list! Why? Not sure, maybe people are just uneducated of the value of video. Maybe they feel they can’t afford both a photographer and videographer! I have asked many brides that have hired us for photography only why they won’t do video, mind you I am not a pushy person, and they always say they don’t think they will watch the video that much!

Even if you watch it once every two years, isn’t that something? I do remember one bride telling me her father passed away and her biggest regret was not having her wedding filmed. She told me the toast he made is now only a faded memory.

Being a professional videographer I have decided to not be biased in favor of  my profession, but to make some valid points on why you should DO video on your wedding day and Yes, you should do photography! One should never replace the other, these are tangible moments that will never be redone! Moments that will be there for you when you need to smile, when you need to laugh and when you need to be reminded why you married in the first place! Moments of remembrance of a loved one that passed, moments of style and culture as time passes, and it does pass and passes fast!

“People recognize emotions from small movements and facial expressions, which can’t be displayed in a single frame. Video allows you to capture a series of images to convey those emotions accurately.” – Jewel Savadelis

“Being able to re-listen, 20 years down the road, to an intimate conversation that you had on your wedding day automatically makes a wedding video priceless.”

Brides and Grooms need to be educated that wedding films today are not what they use to be! (Although you truly need to look at the work because the profession still has those that are amateur and really need to just go back to Walmart to work and leave the editing and shooting to the ones who have the eye for it).

There were many things in this article that I didn’t agree with. For example better cameras means better filmmaking! I for one feel that if you are good at what you do you can work with anything and make it great! What I did like is this: Editing is where the magic happens, if you are not a good editor then the couple will end up with a cut up piece of crap that they will never watch. Editing is key! A good editor will draw in the audience and keep them to the end, the viewer will go through many emotions. Tears, laughter, embarrassment, Joy…LOVE!!!

Video is personal and when you find the right videographer you will have a treasure that will be with you for always! It is important! My desire is to bring more awareness to the world of video at weddings! We are in a video world..Youtube, Facebook, and on and on!

Seriously…how can you NOT do video! And one more thing, if u think you are paying to much, you probably are! Many professionals charge for their egos, don’t pay for that!  They will charge an outrageous amount just to show up and then you better know what you are getting after words. Good honest professionals are out there that do amazing work! It won’t make you feel that it’s an investment!

Have fun and please whatever you do, don’t do it without video!





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