The open video is personal to me. This art work said so much to me and I had Mike animate the doves. Everyone will feel differently when watching this, I just hope you feel the openness that this represents. I just think it’s cool!

I have been in the wedding business FOREVER! I started working for my Dad in his bridal store when I was still in high school. I loved the business and started Djing at weddings. I did that for a good 10 years. I was working in television at the time and doing the djing on the weekends and decided I wanted (this is the short version) to start my own business. Since the wedding world came naturally to me, I started to book weddings and Taltos was born.

Taltos has gone through many changes to keep up with this high tech world. When I started over 15 years ago it was all about VHS and DVD’s weren’t even imagined yet. Now, DVD’s are fading out and it’s all about HD/Bluray!

I started Taltos in Grand Rapids Michigan all by myself and soon I started to add people to help with shooting. Taltos did great in Michigan, I did a ton of weddings and the referrals were all I needed to keep rocking. I also did a good amount of commercials and long form productions. It’s the creative process to me that I really enjoy. I love to write the concept and work on music and just have fun with it all. My weddings were a bit abstract and people hired me for that kind of look. Anyway, I can go on and on about the creative process let me say it was all good until Michigan started to have a down slide in the economy and Mike and I decided to move the business to Sedona Arizona.

That was hard to do since I ran Taltos so long in Michigan and was pretty well known in the business, but it was time for a change and I was ready to explore and take it to a new level.

Mike and I decided to add photography to Taltos. This was really Mikes idea since he was “more” the photographer than I was. I knew we had to do it if we wanted to stay in Sedona. For some silly reason…people will pick photos over video. ( i know, crazy huh?) Sedona was a whole new world for me after working a large market for so long. Sedona is more of a destinations wedding place and most of the weddings here are small, one hour or two. Not to get to wordy, Sedona has been fun and I really enjoy being out in the rocks instead of being in a church. It’s just so beautiful outside.

I will update this post as things change with Taltos.


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